Below are listed some of my favorite nature-related websites on the Internet. This list is a work in progress, and I’ll continue to add to it as I have time.

I love good nature writing and nature photography, so please feel free to suggest sites that you feel are particularly noteworthy.  There are probably hundreds of outstanding nature sites, on the web, so there’s no way I can list them all.  But I do promise that those I list will reflect something of the spirit of my own site and be well worth your time! Steve

“In our attitude towards animals and plants and minerals, fields, forests, seas and mountains, we can break through to what lies behind the realm of bondage and necessity, of strife and hostility. We can enter into communion with cosmic beauty and the spirit of community.”~ Nicolas Berdyaev “Truth and Revelation”

Madang – Ples Bilong Mi

This site will astonish you with amazingly beautiful underwater photographs of the coral reefs off of Madang in Papua, New Guinea.  The author, Jan Messersmith, is not only an outstanding nature photographer, he’s a fine writer.  He has a great writing style that will entertain you and make you laugh even as he shares solid scientific information about his tropical paradise.  This is a site I visit every day, and I’m never disappointed.

I came across Martin Mckenna’s wonderful website quite by accident while doing some research on various clouds types I wanted to write about.  What I found on the site of this outstanding young Irish amateur astronomer and meteorologist was a wealth scientific information and outstanding astronomy and weather photographs.  Best of all, I found someone who said this about the goal of his site:  “I wish to share with you my passion for the night sky and the lesser understood day time sky. My goal with this site is to pass on this love of the sky and encourage everyone to get outside and marvel at what the universe has to offer.”

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  1. Hi Steven,

    I appreciate the intent and spirit of “Berkeley, Naturally!” I wonder if you ever stumbled across any of my “Gambolin’ Man” posts on our local natural treasures in the Berkeley Hills. Here are some links to my favorite Tilden and Wildcat posts:

    • Gambolin’ Man! My apologies! I lost track of your comment — didn’t even approve of it! I’m so sorry. I just went to your wonderful blog, and was just blown away by it and your posts! I can tell I am going to spend hours and hours at Gambolin’ Man. (I looked to see if you had an RSS link, but if you have one, I missed it.) I didn’t see a way to “subscribe” to your posts, either, again, unless I missed that too. Let me know if there’s a way to keep track of the site, and posts, but if not, I’ll still be a visitor, I can assure you.

      As I read, and looked at your beautiful pictures, I felt like I was hearing from a kindred spirit, even a long-lost brother, and one with far more experience and depth in this beautiful area than I have. Thanks for this great sharing to the world and for you deep love of nature and this amazing ecosystem we live in. I’m in the middle of revamping this blog, and one of things I will do is be sure to add Gambolin’ Man to my links/reference page.

      All the best, and apologies, again, for taking so long to respond,


      • Steven,

        I just wandered back to your page since I posted back in May, and I am so awed and thrilled by your comments! Thank you, thank you! For every billion that ignore me, just one who doesn’t makes my day! I wish I could figure out how to place an RSS feed on my site but it is glitchy (old blogger template), so maybe I’ll switch to a new template. I hope you have seen my latest posts!

        • Gambolin’ Man — working my way back in time here! I’m so glad you got to see my comments. I really meant them, with all my heart ,and was truly blown away and moved by your love of the area and your depth of knowledge. As I said in my previous reply, I plan on adding your blog to my resources page.

          As for RSS, the new updated Blogger *dynamic( templates are *awesome.*) I especially like the “magazine view.” I think it’d be perfect for a blog such as yours.

          All the best,

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