Beautiful San Francisco Bay Sunset from Berkeley’s Cyclotron Road


Watching the sun set over the San Francisco Bay is one of the great pleasures of climbing in the Berkeley Hills near sundown.  Some evenings, when the cloud are just right and not too dense or thick, the sunset can take your breath away.

This sunset, in March, was one such sunset.  When I saw the the combination of altocumulus and cirrocumulus clouds moving in during the day, I suspected I was in for a treat that evening. So, as the sun began to set, I  headed up Hearst Ave from the North Gate  to the lovely hills just above Cyclotron Road—one of my favorite spots to watch sunsets.  As you can see, I wasn’t disappointed!

The changing sky and cloud colors were just magical!

I’ve put the images in sequential order to show how the colors shifted and changed, minute to minute.

About halfway through the image gallery, there is a nice sequence of the sun disappearing over San Francisco.

The gallery ends with some lovely images of silhouettes of Eucalyptus trees and the famous Berkeley Campanile (Sather Tower).

For your viewing enjoyment, the images in the gallery are all 1600×1200.  Feel free to download them for  your personal use.


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  1. Steve,
    I lived near San Pedro ’69-’70 (worked in the San Pedro Hospital ICU, we got the Sailors from the Sea Port, very interesting). I did get to Berkley when I lived there and fell in love with it. I did not get up in the hills. I would love nothing more than a walk in your hills with you and Sarah!!!

    ❤ Sandi Hoersch Ross

    • Thanks, Sandi! I indeed feel blessed to live here with so much natural beauty all around me every day! And it makes me very happy to share the wonders of my beloved Berkeley Hills with others. If you ever get to the Bay Area, we will have to go hiking! Steve

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