Rethinking Berkeley, Naturally!


My posts to Berkeley, Naturally! have slowed down to the point where I realize I need to re-think the goals of this blog. Originally, I had hoped to make Berkeley, Naturally! a kind of science/nature blog, similar to my other blog Goodheart’s Extreme Science.

But with three blogs to write for and look after, it’s become apparent to me that I can’t be as ambitious with Berkeley, Naturally! as I had hoped. It will need to be more of a nature/photo blog and less of a science oriented blog, although it will always have a science and nature lover’s perspective.

When I have time, though, I’ll probably still want to do in-depth posts with like these:

They Are the Ladybugs of the Canyon

Berkeley Hills Landslide

Source Area – Where the Slope Gave Way

Escape from New England—A Weather Nut’s Confession

I get up in to the Berkeley Hills three or four times a week, and always take my camera, so I will have lots of images to share, and observations. Stop by and have a look!

The Berkeley Hills are calling!

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  3. I really like your blog and invite you to cross post on occasion on Berkeleyside. We could also post some of your pictures. Our readership is growing but we do not have enough nature/environment articles.

    • Hello Frances! Thanks for your nice remarks. I had some very convivial contact with Berkeleyside when I first started up Berkeley, Naturally! but haven’t spoken to anyone there for some time now. I was under the impression that my blog was somehow going to get mentioned there from time to time, which is fine with me.

      So, how, exactly, would I “cross post” to Berkeleyside? Let me know, and I’d be happy to share what I do with your great site.

      Best wishes,

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